CR500 Clutch basket KIT 22100ML3910

Newly made Cr500 Clutch basket KIT


The Honda CR500 is a legendary off-road motorcycle known for its powerful engine and rugged performance. 

Upgrade your Honda CR500 with this premium clutch basket, complete with a primary gear. Designed for durability and performance, this clutch basket is crafted from high-strength materials to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. It ensures smooth power delivery and reliable operation under extreme conditions. Compatible with CR500 models, this clutch basket is an essential replacement part for maintaining your bike's peak performance. Whether you're racing or riding trails, this component promises enhanced reliability and longevity. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking quality and performance.


Complete kit comes assembled with:

- new made Clutch basket from EN AW7075

- new made CR500 starting gear 

- new made CR500 primary 63T gear

- new mounting screws

- new backing plate and washer

- damper rubbers (from Prox)


OEM: 22100-ML3-910


All parts are made by MotoGears

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Complete kit comes with new mounting screws, new backing plate and washer, damper rubbers (from Prox), New made starting gear and primary 63T gear.

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